Fanning the flame of Flickr

I’ve never been a Flickr user.  I’ve known it exists, and might have been directed there a time or two when image searching for something, but I’ve never seen a real use for it for myself either personally or professionally.  To begin diving in and exploring Flickr, I turned to the internet for advice on how one could utilize Flickr in the classroom.  I mean are we just talking about a database of user submitted photos?  Is that it?

I found this article first and was drawn in by the Listicle-type title.  Scrolling and scanning through the article, I was looking for the listing of the “13 ways” and couldn’t find anything.  Then I realized that they just posted a picture of an attractive-looking brainstorming session documented with marker.  It would’ve been extra cool if this had been a crossover with Bubbl.  Not only was this low-tech offering pretty disappointing, I didn’t find that the “ideas” were anything terribly original or innovative.

This next article was a bit better.  As we’ve already seen in our class, and as the author points out, the “groups” feature is especially useful for a classroom.  Probably the most helpful part of this article was the list of suggested links at the bottom that kept my search going strong.  The article linked me to this YouTube video that had some really solid ideas.

Finally, I came across this article and was satisfied with both the narrative description and the strong list of ideas.  I wasn’t even aware of “third party Flickr applications” and this article opened the door to using those with Flickr in creating some dynamic lesson plans.


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