Welcome to my blog.  I kept a journal all through middle school, so you’d think that keeping a blog would be easy.  I’ve started several but never gone past more than a couple of entries.  Recently, the concept of blogging has become a silly joke in my family, thanks to a family member, who is a non-digital native, and uses the wrong words for tech-related things.  See the translation dictionary below:

blog- verb– to Google something: “Go blog how long it takes to roast a chicken.”

Blueberry-noun– any smartphone: “Go blog on your Blueberry how long it takes to roast a chicken.”

meme- noun– My sister and I have explained this to everyone in our family multiple times but they still don’t understand what it is: “What’s a meme again…?”


I’m excited to see where this new journey into blogging leads.  And in the meantime, I’ll have to ask my family members what they call actual blogging.